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I had no intention of doing an 'About Me' page on here at first, but I've realised that I love reading about the people behind the blogs I follow. So perhaps someone, somewhere might like to know a bit about me.

My name is Emily Kate, I'm 25 and I'm a musician. I play the bassoon (brownie points if you know what that is) and I teach kids to play piano, clarinet and bassoon.

I live in a flat in London with my boyfriend where talking in a yokel Somerset accent is the norm. My family live and always have lived, in Somerset, and I love it. I have two dreams... to get a full-time job playing in an orchestra, which often seems like it will never happen, and to one day own a cafe/tearoom somewhere in the countryside. It turns out this last one is in fact a dream my Mum and Gran also had, so perhaps I will be the generation to make it happen.

This blog will be all about my love of making things. I've been baking incessantly since I left home, and it's a joke in our flat that buying shop-bought cakes and desserts is 'against the law'. I took up knitting a year ago and now I've started sewing, and even selling some of my creations.

I've come to realise most things that are pretty, are also often expensive. That's when my brain goes 'I could make that'. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't, but it's worth a try.

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