Thursday, 30 November 2017

Cotton Print Minky Blanket

When friends and family who know I sew, found out I was of the first questions was often- 'Ooh are you going to sew lots of clothes for the baby?!'
I decided pretty early on though that there wasn't much point. I didn't know what size my baby was likely to be, if they would be long like I was, or even if they were a boy or a girl. And even if I did know some of that, they'd be growing out of things so fast it would be a lot of effort for an outfit they might only wear a few times. Not to mention finding the effort and inclination to sew hasn't always been easy recently!
However I did think I could manage a few small projects for them, like a blanket or two. I browsed a few tutorials online and decided to just go for a simple cotton with minky backing blanket. I bought one metre of minky from an eBay seller and got two blankets out of this, so each one is around 30"x36". I also chose to use a thin wadding in between the minky and cotton layers, to give a bit of extra padding. After all I am expecting a winter baby, and with a bit of wadding I thought they would also make great playmats for our wooden floor.
Every tutorial I looked at called this a super simple, quick project, but in reality my first one took me an entire afternoon and I was pulling my hair out by the end of it!
 Simply put...minky is an absolute nightmare to sew. Pins are your friend.
I tried sewing all three layers together a couple of times and everything shifted. Then I tried just the cotton and minky, and the same thing happened. Eventually I managed it by placing pins no more than a centimetre apart, the whole way around the edge, and across the centre of the blanket too, to keep it in place.
Then I sewed the wadding to the other two layers by sewing within the seam allowance. I trimmed the seam allowance, turned it the right side out and top stitched around the edge, again pinning as frequently as possible. My walking foot was also an absolute godsend!
So although there is very little sewing needed, be prepared to sit with your fabric on a flat surface pinning incessantly for quite some time. All that aside, I am very happy with my finished blankets but I think I may be put off minky fabric for life.
One of the other projects I'm hoping to get around to, is a few bibs using the leftover bits of fabric from these blankets. Just three weeks to go until D-day!
Emily Kate.