Friday, 13 October 2017

A Vintage Storage Suitcase

Its been almost 10 months now since we moved into our very own house, and decorating is still ticking along nicely. The very first room we finished was the loft conversion, which Mr Makes endearingly calls 'the penthouse'. It doubles as both my sewing room and the spare bedroom. After spending the first 3 years or so of sewing using a table next to the fridge, in the corner of our small flat in London, having an entire room to spread my stuff about is awesome. Plus having a bed in it for a mid-sewing marathon nap is not too shabby either. (not to mention the fact at 30 weeks pregnant I need a rest after making it up the two flights of stairs!)
However we did make an agreement that I would keep it tidy and not have things lying about, so I've been working on some storage solutions!
I got this idea from Pinterest, where some people had used shoeboxes to house their thread collection. My family got really into collecting vintage furniture from flea markets and the like a little while ago, and I picked this little wooden suitcase up on one such trip. To turn it into thread storage, all I used was some plastic golf tees I picked up on amazon for a few quid, and a glue gun.
 I would recommend measuring out the spacing for your spools of thread, most of mine are 250m, so I made sure the tees weren't too close that they would fit in nicely. I also left a gap at the side that I could use to house a few other sewing essentials, such as shears, measuring tape etc. I have now bought a pegboard for the wall though, so when that goes up I might just glue a few more tees down and move the shears to a peg.
So there we have it, a nifty vintage storage solution. Where do you keep your thread spools?
Emily Kate.

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