Sunday, 24 September 2017

Off-Shoulder Ruffle Dress... and an Announcement!

I rarely go clothes shopping nowadays, as I sew most of my wardrobe. So my shopping involves browsing Instagram and various blogs for new patterns to try out. By the time I had noticed the off-shoulder trend going around summer was already in full swing; add in my usual period of procrastination and it was nearly over before I'd jumped on the bandwagon.
The good thing about this trend is how simple it is, and how easy to recreate without much of a structured pattern. That being said, drafting a pattern from scratch is not my forte, so I did quite a bit of googling before I found a great tutorial from Megan Nielsen's Design Diary. (How 'friggin awesome is her tattoo?!)
It's very straightforward to follow, and all you need to draft the pattern is a few measurements to cut out a couple of rectangles. I actually didn't get quite enough fabric to use the measurements required, so just used the full width of the folded fabric which was a few inches short of twice my bust measurement. As it was going to be gathered into the bust measurement anyway it didn't matter and just looked a little less full. The fabric I used was a medium/lightweight dark cotton chambray, and I used contrasting white thread for topstitching (mostly as I was too lazy to pop out and buy more navy).
In total, this little dress probably took me less than two hours from start to finish, and used a fairly conservative 1.5metres of fabric, so a cheap project too. I wasn't convinced about the style at first, as I find having things loose around my waist can verge on making me look frumpy. So I've taken to wearing it with a belt to draw it in to my waist and give a little more shape.
What this does is also draw attention to my ever-growing belly! That's right, I've not only been stuffing my face with cake all summer long, I'm having a baby! Little Baby Makes is due just a few days before Christmas, but if they have the timekeeping of their mother its likely to be 2018 before they make an appearance. The great thing about a dress like this is I should be able to wear it right the way through, as there's a lot of room under that ruffle!
So you'll be seeing a bit more maternity sewing on the blog in the next few months, but I promise to try not make it all about the baby, or disappear entirely. After all, I need something to do when the heartburn and insomnia set in at 4am.😃
Emily Kate


  1. Congratulations! I have completely disapearred from my blog and from my sewing machine since baby arrived! Totally worth it though but definitely looking forward to getting some sewing in soon!

  2. OH congratulations! How lovely - and sewing baby clothes is so quick, and a good use of scraps 😀


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