Saturday, 30 September 2017

Maternity Sewing Plans

So today I'd like to share with you my plans for my maternity wear wardrobe.
As I'm now over 6 months I've already made a few things, but the last couple of weeks have really narrowed down my wardrobe options! I didn't really have plans to sew much for my pregnancy in the early days. I thought I could get through the whole 9 months with a couple of pairs of maternity jeans and some of my loose fitting shirts and jersey dresses. Whilst that's probably possible, once I got to 4/5 months I found I just felt a bit of a shapeless blob. I was quite a bit fatter and yet noone was offering me a seat on the tube. For me I've actually found closer fitting clothes to be my saviour. I feel pregnant yes, but I also feel womanly and attractive.

If you're planning on sewing some maternity outfits for yourself, here's some things you might want to think about...
Are you likely to have/planning on more than one pregnancy?
Mr Makes and I have always been keen on having kids, and both come from big(ish) families. When I thought about this, it made more sense to have well fitting maternity clothes I loved because they'll hopefully get more wear in a few years time.
When are you going to be at your biggest?
 Definitely think about the time of year you will be in your third trimester. I spent ages looking for a good pattern for a empire waist or maternity maxi-dress at the start of summer, when really I still fit in the majority of my usual summer wear. As we're expecting a Christmas baby, my maternity outfits need to be more oversized jumpers and cosy knit dresses to see me through autumn and the start of winter.
    Are you thinking about breastfeeding?
A couple of the patterns below either aren't, or don't look obviously maternity and have buttons down the front. If you're planning on attempting to breastfeed, clothes than can double as maternity and nursing are a great idea.
    How are you finding pregnancy?
I'm lucky in that I've been in pretty good health during my pregnancy so far. The heartburn, exhaustion, nightmares and insomnia aren't fun, but I managed to miss out almost entirely on the morning sickness. Whatever energy we have is pretty reduced during these nine months, so if you're finding things tough then really, finding the energy to sew is bottom of the list of priorities!
And here are the patterns I've sewn so far, or I'm intending to soon.

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