Monday, 24 April 2017

At last...A Linden Sweatshirt

It's been a while hasn't it chaps? What can I say... Life has been busy. We've been working on doing up the house and furniture projects, and honestly, I've just not been feeling the sewing vibe. But now my sewing room is almost finished, and my wardrobe is looking pretty bare.
So I figured it was about time to get stuck back in. 
Way back in December 2016, I finally got around to printing a pattern I've had on my list for some time, the Linden sweatshirt from Grainline Studio.
I put together the pattern, cut out my fabric, then Christmas got in the way and it wasn't until this week I finally got to the actual sewing. 
Why, oh why did I leave it so long?! In the end it probably took me around 2 hours to sew, and what a great little project it is. It's a great staple that you could easily fill your wardrobe with. (and I will!)
It's just the second Grainline Studio pattern I've sewn, after my Morris blazer, but I won't be stopping there. I already have my eye on the Driftless Cardigan. just love the simplicity of their patterns but how wearable they are too, with any body shape.
The fabric I used is a lycra/viscose blend with lots of stretch, and thick enough to actually keep me warm. I cut out a size 10 according to my measurements which gave me a nice relaxed fit. For a closer fitting sweatshirt I think I could easily use the size 8 without any fitting issues.
I did have to get quite ingenious when it came to getting all the pattern pieces out of just a metre of fabric, so ended up forgetting to cut two hem band pieces. I decided to just cut the one hem piece in half widthwise so I would have a narrower hem, and did the same with the sleeves to match. The extra hem length might have been nice but I think the sleeves are the perfect length. 
I used the main fabric for the hem and neckline pieces, but I think a bold print like this would also look great with a contrasting black ribbed neckline.

My go to outfit for work at the moment is black skinny jeans with a shirt and jumper, so I'm planning to make a few more Lindens to wear! I've already got an idea for the next one, maybe featuring a little embroidery...

Emily Kate.