Friday, 27 January 2017

Sew Over It - A Lola Coat

When I was invited to take a sneak peek at Sew Over It's new eBook 'My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break', I loved the look of the Lola coat (and the name!) but I wasn't overly convinced its style was very 'me'.
I had vague notions of sewing a beautiful 1950's pattern double breasted coat this year, but when it got to November and I hadn't even begun, decided I needed a quicker plan to stay warm this winter!
The Lola coat has a relaxed fit, so although you need quite a bit of fabric, there's no tricky fitting issues. I used a textured wool blend fabric I found at Calico Laine. It is quite weighty, but still has the bit of drape needed for this project. It is much warmer than I thought too, keeping me pretty toasty in the icy mornings we've had recently.
The seams are visible when the coat flaps open so if I was to make another I think I would consider bias binding them, like in the Robson coat construction. As I'm yet to invest in an overlocker I didn't have much choice but to zigzag stitch the edges terribly as best I could.
Its definitely an item of clothing that has really grown on me. I love the relaxed, comfy style of it, but it also feels smart enough for work wear. I usually wear it with a belt to keep any cold air out and cinch in the waist a bit.
And the best thing about it? The pockets. I can keep my phone, car keys, lip balm, humongous purse full of receipts, name badge, chocolate stash, kitchen sink all in there and there's no chance of the phone falling out and smashing. As has happened once... or twice before.   
Mr Makes had the clever idea to take some photos in our new sewing room/spare bedroom at the top of the house (or he just really didn't want to go outside!). The back wall is already a different colour now though, and we're almost able to tick off one room!
Emily Kate.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A New Year!

So readers, it's been a while.

2016 was a pretty amazing year for me and Mr Makes, but one where my blog and often my sewing had to take a back seat at times.

It was the year we moved across the country (and twice more after that), finally tied the knot, and just a few days before Christmas... became homeowners!

Despite not managing a great deal of sewing, it was also the year I made my wedding dress, most definitely my proudest sewing achievement.
So what are my plans moving forward for 2017?

Create my sewing room.

Now we have more space than we know what to do with and no plans for swinging any cats, I finally get a shared my own sewing room/study. Decorating starts in earnest this weekend, and I already have plans for a peg board and ingenious storage solutions.

Increase my shop stock

After reopening my shop a few months ago orders are trickling in nicely. I still have a huge list of skylines I've yet to design and frequent requests, so hopefully 2017 will be the year I finally hit my aim of 50 skylines.

Sew my 'Make nine'

This is a new challenge for me, but something I noticed other sewers doing on instagram this new year. The idea is to come up with 9 projects you're planning to sew and tell the rest of the sewing community. Mine are:

Emily Kate.