Monday, 14 March 2016

Tips for Sewing with Tulle

Rather excitingly...this post means that my dress has come quite a way since my last progress report and infact, the end is in sight! Now don't worry, I've not sewn one wedding dress and suddenly become a tulle sewing expert extraordinaire. I don't claim to know anything about sewing with tulle really, these are just some things I discovered along the way that really helped me, and even a couple specific to polka dot tulle.
Tulle Sewing tips
Add a piece of tape to the bottom of your presser foot to stop the tulle snagging on the foot. You can also use clear tape to hold pattern pieces together to sew.
Sew slowly and don't back tack at the start or end of a seam as it can easily end up a mess. Leave the threads long and double knot.
Pin tissue paper to the underside of the seam. It makes it much easier to pin as they won't fall straight out, and easier to sew. I thought it may be difficult to pull out afterwards so was very wary about doing this but it was pretty easy, if a little time consuming at times.
When sewing the polka dot tulle I had to think a bit more when it came to the darts. I avoided sewing through the dots where possible, particularly near the tip of the dart, instead sewing just around them. This would obviously be more or less difficult depending on the size of the dots. 
I trimmed all seams, including darts to around 1/8th of an inch so the seam allowance would be barely visible. Where a line of stitching went through a polka dot I cut around the dot and pressed it flat under the seam.  
Happy tulle sewing!
Emily Kate. 

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