Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Some Sleevless Wenona's

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front at the moment i'm afraid...due to a pretty big upheaval in the Makes household. We've moved! It had been on the cards for a while, but still nothing quite prepares you for the stress and amount of time it takes to pack up your life and transport it across the country.
This wasn't a 'just-down-the-road' move, no we've upped sticks entirely and moved back to our home county of Somerset. Which I was gleefully told by my mother is now quite a 'trendy' place to live. We wanted a less stressful way of life, and to be able to afford to live in more than a shoebox. Although London has many perks...those aren't some of them.
Anyway, what I have to share with you today is actually a make I did around 9 months ago, so I shall  have to see what I can remember about it! This shirt is probably up there with one of my most worn makes, as it's a firm favourite of both mine and Mr-soon-to-be-Makes.
I bought the Wenona shirt pattern from Named Patterns, as I had been hankering after a shirt dress for years. It fitted the bill and was a very versatile pattern, with a shirt and dress version, and the option to include pleats. It's the first Named pattern I've used, and although I found tracing out the pieces to be a pain, the instructions are precise and straightforward.
My shirt dress was a great success, so I immediately began thinking of other versions I could make. I love sleeveless shirts in the summer as they can easily be dressed up or down so decided to make the next one without sleeves. I decided to include the pleats too, and although it took me rather a long time (and several bits of scrap paper) to work out how they had to be folded, I'm pleased with the result.
The Wenona is quite a loose fitting shirt, even after using a smaller size on the recommendation of another blogger. For my first denim dress, it worked perfectly with a belt to pull it in at the waist. However the white sleeveless version feels rather too baggy and occasionally unflattering as I made no alterations. When it came to my second sleeveless version in a blue and white check, I took in a couple of inches of fabric at the side seams. I also cut some fabric out from around the armholes to give it more of a intended sleeveless shape, rather than just looking like I had just forgotten to stitch them in....!
This version feels much more stylish and flattering, and goes well with skinny jeans, or with a full skirt like the Hollyburn. Mr soon-to-be-Makes even refers to it as my 'Audrey' shirt as he thinks it has quite a 50's feel to it. My favourite things about this pattern have to be the collar point at the back and the little pleat. This certainly won't be my last version....
Emily Kate.

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  1. I love the look of both these shirts, those extra back details are really nice! I just went and checked out your shirt dress too - it's gorgeous! I hadn't seen this pattern before but it looks very versatile.


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