Friday, 26 February 2016

DIY Word Cake Topper Tutorial

After making my practice naked wedding cake, I had a thought...what about a cake topper? I've never been much of a fan of the little bride and groom models, as they feel a bit 1990's naff nowadays, so I had planned to just chuck some flowers on the top. But then I found lots of cute word ones on Etsy and decided to have a go making myself one.
This was a super easy little project with minimal supplies, most of which you probably have lying around as it is. The glitter card cost me £1 from Ebay.
First I chose what words I wanted, and then chose a font. I didn't want anything too smushy, as that's not really us, and I always think the 'love' ones are stating the somewhat obvious. That's why you're getting married... right?!

The font I chose is called KG Eyes Wide Open,a free font from It's actually the same one we're using on our invites too so links in nicely.

I then printed out the words in the size I wanted with a gap in the middle, which I filled with a hand drawn heart. Using a script/handwriting font is probably best so that you can link the whole thing together as I did, rather than have lots of separate pieces to keep track of. I then used some tracing paper to trace over the outline of each letter. Next, I used a sharp Stanley knife and cutting board to carefully cut out the words on the tracing paper, and lightly stuck them onto the plain back of the glitter card, back to front. I used the knife again to cut out the words from the glitter card, and then cut out a separate heart from the pink paper to stick on top.

And that's pretty much it! I used a bit of glue to stick cocktail sticks to either end to stick into the top layer of the cake and then it was ready to go. Unfortunately we (mostly me) had eaten all the practice wedding cake so I just had to make another small top tier to take pictures with.

Did someone say wedding diet?!
Emily Kate.

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  1. Wow, DIY word cake topper is looking so adorable. I am also going to have a grand wedding at the domestic wedding venues Los Angeles and would love to have such a cute word topper on the cake. Thanks for sharing the inspiration here.


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