Thursday, 11 February 2016

An Unseasonal Maxi Skirt

Yes, it is still less than 10 degrees outside, and I have been making maxi skirts. No, I've not gone completely barmy (just yet anyway), I'm off out of the dreary UK to sunnier climes. Dubai in fact!
I hadn't originally planned to sew anything for this holiday, given my New year's resolution. However as almost all of my dresses and skirts are quite a bit above the knee, I decided to rustle up a quick skirt or two just to make sure I was in no danger of flaunting the dress code.
I had thought about whipping up a maxi skirt before my last holiday but didn't get around to it, and now I really wish I had! They're just super comfortable and convenient for the beach as an easy cover-up.
Now I could write a tutorial on how I made this beauty, but I'm not sure it's really necessary to add to the 10000's you can find on pinterest and the web already. I mostly followed this one as I preferred the look of a gathered skirt over an A-line or straight one. I also love the way she's styled it!

I did do things slightly differently though, sewing the short ends of the waistband and the elastic ends together first. I then folded the waistband wrong sides together over the elastic and sewed the long seam, thereby sewing in the elastic. I don't like slip-stitching openings closed at the best of times, let alone when using jersey as it just won't stay still!
I also didn't bother to hem my skirt...(shhhh don't tell anyone). I'm super lazy, its jersey so it won't fray and really how often have you ogled the bottom of someones maxi skirt?!
As this skirt has just 4 seams and a bit of gathering, it didn't take me much more than an hour from to start to finish. And the cost?
Fabric- Just over 1 metre of jersey: £7
Elastic:                                                £1.99
Small amount of matching thread:  £1?
                                                  Total: £10
So really, probably what you'd pay in Primark for a handmade one you won't be seeing anyone else wearing. I have made another in white which i'm going to attempt to dye but that's a story for another post...
Emily Kate.


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  2. Ooh that looks really pretty! I love maxi skirts and always mean to style them for chillier weather but never get round to it. I'll have to give this one


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