Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Dip-dye Maxi Skirt

As I said in my last post, I've been making a couple of loose maxi skirts for my trip to Dubai. In fact, when you read this i'll be lounging in 26 degree heat somewhere or enjoying a bit of 5star hospitality, all thanks to Mr-soon-to-be-Makes.
I've been obsessing over dip-dye clothes for a little while now and was waiting for the perfect project to test it out on. I'd really love to do a cotton sundress with a deep blue dip-dye, perhaps another Lilou from Love at First Stitch. My inspiration is this gorgeous dress I found trawling Pinterest for dip-dye outfits.
However I decided to try it out first on a project that was quick to make and low-cost, just incase it went disastrously wrong.
I read all the tutorials I could find online and decided there was two ways I could do it. Make up all the dye solution, dunk the bottom of the skirt and pull it out a bit at a time so that the bottom section was soaking the longest and taking in the most dye. Or separate out the dye into 3 amounts, and add more dye each time I pulled the skirt out a bit, which would make sure the top section had only a very weak dye solution.
I decided to go for the second one so the effect would be more gradual rather than a definite line where the skirt had been dyed and where it hadn't. The dye I used was Dylon, in the colour 'Jeans Blue'. It ended up a little lighter at the bottom than I would have liked, I think I could have left it to soak longer (the bottom section I left in the solution for no more than a couple of minutes) and next time I'll use the darker 'Ocean Blue' colour.
I am really pleased with the gradual effect though, and all in all the whole process, including washing out the dye then handwashing the skirt, took no more than 30/40 mins. Given that the maxi skirt itself took about an hour to construct, the entire project took no more than 2 hours.
It's a perfect beachy cover-up, but as its a cotton/poly blend of jersey its not too cold so could be worn in colder weather too. Although perhaps not in the 0 degrees i'm told the UK is experiencing currently. (did I mention its 26 degrees out here?)
Emily Kate.

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