Saturday, 2 January 2016

My New Year's Sewing Resolution 2016

I don't know about you, but I always feel that New Year resolutions should start on the 2nd January. New Years Day is about waking up at noon, finding there's no milk and just about summoning the energy to go to the shops to stock up on supplies for a film marathon.
No? Just me then. I refuse to believe anyone really starts there New Year diet or fitness regime on the 1st.
This year my resolution is a little bit odd for a it is not to sew.
Or at least to sew just one thing, and nothing else. No trousers, no summer dresses, no jumpsuits....just a wedding dress. And two bridesmaid dresses, if I get that done.
Despite knowing since the end of September exactly what I wanted for my wedding dress, I've done very little about it since then. I am literally the queen of procrastination. I'll buy a new pattern and be distracted by that, or decide I need a new dress for a dinner party.
So no. Just no. I pledge I will not sew anything until my wedding dress is (almost) complete. That is until I no longer dread people asking me how it's going.
But don't fret, this doesn't mean the blog will be on standby. I made a few things last year i've yet to blog about and then there'll be a few work-in-progress posts. The first in just a couple of weeks hopefully!
What are your new year sewing plans and resolutions?
Emily Kate.

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