Thursday, 31 December 2015

My 6 Favourite Makes of 2015

Now we've reached the end of 2015, I thought I would share with you my favourite makes of the last year. And its been a great year!
For me 2015 was the year I felt I really got to grips with sewing, and can now sew a well rounded wardrobe all on my onesie.
2015 was the year I made my first coat, my first shirt, and fell in love with circle skirts and petticoats. It was pretty difficult to keep it at just 6 favourite makes!
I think this narrowly pips the vintage shirt dress to the position of my favourite dress this year. It really made me fall head over heels for circle skirts, and even better the fabric was just £2.20 a metre!
My first ever sewing class resulted in a perfectly fitting pair of trousers, after one big mistake and the discovery that each of my legs is a different size! I've used the adjusted pattern once more already and it's still perfect.
I was a little unsure about this at first, as it is something that won't get too much wear. I cant really wear it to work, or in the winter and I wasn't sure it'd suit me. However I think it looks quite stylish in the end and I got a great response from instagram.
I love this dress. Its summery and classy at the same time. Really wasn't sure about Mr Makes suggestion of red buttons, but I think they really make the dress in the end!
I love the casual look of this denim number and the sheer versatility of the pattern, I've made 2 other versions already.
 I made a coat! 'nuff said.
So whats in the plans for 2016?
A wedding dress. That's pretty much it.
Happy New Year! 
Emily Kate.

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