Monday, 16 November 2015

Rupert Bear Trousers

After the success of my first pair of Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It, I thought it was about time I got round to making another. my first pair were originally going to be tartan, before the wrong-size-fiasco so I had to make a tartan pair eventually. Or as my mum called them, some Rupert bear trousers.
I discovered Lisa's tutorial on how to make the trousers high-waisted and thought I'd do that this time, as I find high waists very flattering. I also planned to add pockets since I really miss them in my grey pair. In the end I made the typical mistake of deciding I absolutely had to finish them by the weekend so I could wear them on my weekend away...and didn't have time to do anything exciting with them at all.
This was the first time using my adapted pattern, so it's great to see the fit is still just as good the second time around. The pattern is such a quick sew I made these in two mornings worth of sewing time. Unfortunately my least favourite job (cutting the pattern out) is made longer by the fact I have four individual leg pieces as my left leg is an entire inch fatter more muscular.
As well as the fit, I'm super happy with my pattern matching skills. Especially considering I had to cut out each piece individually.
The only problem with these I have is that I'm not sure I have many tops/jumpers to pair them with. but then again that's a brilliant excuse to buy more fabric and patterns. :-)
Emily Kate

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