Sunday, 8 November 2015

An Impatient Knitter

Do you prefer to knit....or sew?
 I first took up knitting a few years ago after I had finished studying. It took a whole Saturday afternoon of youtube-ing and reading before I finally got the hang of it....and then I was hooked. The repetition involved is very calming and comforting, and I really find it a great stress-reliever.
That first year I knitted everyone's Christmas presents and I started this blog. Then I started sewing.
Now don't get me wrong I still love to knit, but I find it hard to find the patience to knit an entire jumper when I can sew up a new top in a matter of hours. And then there's the price of the wool. I've knitted many many scarves, hats, gloves, socks, even a couple of pouffes but confession time...I've never finished made a jumper.
For my birthday this year my mum gave me an old book she found at someone's garage sale, mostly because she knows I love old books rather than actually thinking I would knit something from it. So I decided it would be pretty cool to knit something from a genuine vintage pattern.
I actually knitted up the front of the jumper pretty damn quick, but since then its been put on the back burner as I procrastinated my way through the last few weeks. Seriously if you ever want to have a very unproductive month/week/year, plan a wedding. It's truly amazing how many hours can be wasted perusing pinterest and reading wedding horror stories.
So I thought by sharing it with you, it might encourage me to finish this one. Hopefully by Christmas, or at least by the end of the winter months.
I cant be the only one with lots of half finished knitting projects....what have you got stashed away?!
Emily Kate.

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  1. I prefer sewing. This autumn / winter I've been trying to force myself crochet and knit to fill some wardrobe holes, but it's not working out. For me they fall into two categories: patterns that are too repetitive and boring, and patterns that are too complex and intricate. Sewing is so much more interesting!


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