Tuesday, 20 October 2015

An Elisalex Dress

I've been planning this Elisalex dress for months it seems, thinking it would be the perfect wedding guest dress. Also I thought an added bonus that I'd have nice photos, because everyone takes lots of photos at a wedding right?! Of the bride and groom. So of course I didn't take any of myself in my dress, and had to resort to my usual spot in front of the hedge...

I actually ended up finishing this the night before said wedding, at my parents house. It was really finished almost a week before, but I couldn't decide on the length of the skirt or sleeves so kept putting it off. I then decided to hand sew the hems which meant I didn't really need my machine and could wait until I was back in Somerset so I could concentrate on my Coco jacket (which was finished the morning of the wedding).
I can't be the only one who sets myself ridiculous sewing challenges surely? I thrive off a tight schedule though...when I've nothing to sew for in particular things get put off. Don't worry though Mum I promise I probably won't do that with my wedding dress.
So... to the dress. The fabric I used was upholstery weight cotton, curtain fabric from here. I used a white cotton lawn for the bodice lining and decided to underline the skirt with it too, to make it softer against the skin and as it had a loose weave.
I was a little bit worried I would look like a curtain...I mean there are birdcages on it after all. But if I did no one told me, and the fabric has really grown on me. I did attempt a bit of pattern matching on the princess seams, which didn't work brilliantly... and the back seam, which really did! I found the pattern to be pretty simple, no techniques I hadn't done before. Set-in sleeves are a pain, but otherwise it was a breeze.
The fit I'm reasonably happy with, I cut a size UK 14/ US 10, but took a lot of the length off the skirt. I took a few inches off before I cut out, and then another two as it was still past my knees, which I didn't think flattered me at all. The bodice fit is really good, although I'm not sure if its a bit wide at the shoulders or just meant to sit like that. I can't really wear a bra with straps as you could see them poking out all the time.
I have to say I wasn't sure about the style of the skirt on me, I was worrying it made my hips/bum look huge when I looked in the mirror. However looking at photos I think it is actually quite flattering as it makes your waist appear smaller. It's also nice to have a different style skirt, as all my dresses seem to be gathered or pleated.
What have you been struggling to finish in time?
Emily Kate.


  1. Dress looks great, it's a great showcase for a large print. I feel you on the deadline finishing. I broke a zip on a bridesmaids dress 36hrs before my wedding. Dress only got finished with about 4 days to spare

  2. I love the dress as a budding Dressmaker
    I can appreciate how much time and skill it takes.


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