Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Swish-tastic Betty Dress

I've always been quite a fan of 50's silhouettes, but getting stuck into Mad Men recently has made me really fall in love with the style. A cinched in waist is pretty much flattering on anyone, and who doesn't love a swooshy skirt?!
So when I saw the new Betty dress at Sew Over It earlier this year I couldn't resist. I bought it on a bit of an impulse, (which is a rareity for me!) but after I'd finished my Vintage Shirt Dress, so I already knew how awesome Sew Over It patterns could be.
However I think my Vintage Shirt Dress is now relegated to second place in my favourites list...because I LOVE this dress. Everything about it is super stylish, but also fairly simple to achieve, from the V-neck back to the circle skirt.
I actually finished it way back in the summer, and decided to wear it to the second wedding we attended this October along with my Coco jacket.
The fabric is a beautiful red poppy print with a navy blue background. It's some kind of cotton/polyester blend, I got it for just £2.20 a metre from Walthamstow market.  
I found the instructions to be easy and straightforward...This was actually the first time I've done the all-in-one facing, after trying and failing once before. I have got considerably more experience now, but it's explained so clearly I think even a beginner shouldn't have many issues. I did stay stitch the neck and skirt edges to stop them stretching, but I think also using some stay tape in the neck edge seam allowance would help it to keep its shape better.
I'm actually wearing a petticoat I made under this dress, which will have it's own special post shortly. It helps to give it a bit more volume, especially with thin cotton as it does hang straight down otherwise. It also makes it SO MUCH FUN to wear. I spent most of the night of the wedding swishing it about whilst strutting my stuff on the dancefloor.

I cant wait to sew another of these up, I'm thinking a little wool number would be just the ticket for Christmas.
Emily Kate.


  1. This looks wonderful, the petticoat really makes it

  2. This is gorgeous! I especially love the fabric you chose and a wool version would be amazing, I think the circle skirt would fall just perfectly. Can't wait to see your next version :)


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