Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Coco Jacket

As if just making a dress for my friends wedding wasn't enough, I decided to make a little jacket too, as I have two Autumn weddings to attend in the space of 10 days.
I first discovered Schnittchen, a German pattern company, after seeing Rachel's version of the Coco over at House of Pinheiro. I put it on my list for Autumn/Winter sewing plans as I planned to make a wool version but it's not going to be particularly useful when it gets much more than nippy on the temperature scale.

Schnittchen patterns are really reasonably priced with PDFs around 5-6 euros. Their patterns are quite folksy and loose fitting whilst still being uber stylish. The fabric I chose was a dark blue/navy boiled wool, with a polyester micofibre satin-like lining in a sort of mint green shade.
Now I contemplated not writing about my Coco jacket since I didn't manage to actually complete it according to the pattern. Its labelled as easy, which I would agree with, right up until it comes to attaching the lining. I've never done a bagged lining before which I why I think I had so many issues. I found the instructions to be seriously lacking when it came to the last couple of steps. I attached the two hems, but I couldn't work out how to deal with the difference in hem lengths without having a gap in my stitching. I googled and looked everywhere I could think but I still couldn't understand how to sort this out!
Me being me, I was struggling with this at 1am on Thursday, the night before we were travelling to Somerset for a wedding. In the end I gave up, went to bed, and ended up stitching the hem on my mums old machine the next evening. I then turned it right side out and slip stitched the hole left in each corner by had. You wouldn't notice unless you knew what you were looking for, but I'm still frustrated I was beaten by it which hasn't happened before.
So if you have a foolproof, clear tutorial for doing a bagged lining, please let me know!!!

When I was perusing the Schnittchen website more recently I noticed the Luciana dress. I love the fitted waistline with the V-neck so it's definitely going in my plans for next summer. I often find that a lot of dress patterns can be pretty similar so its great to see one a little different.
Please tell me I need to smile more when I'm taking photos... but this is what happens then. Crazy loon face.
Emily Kate.


  1. Ths jacket is so simple and stylish, looks wonderful

  2. It looks great! I love the lining. And you should definitely always smile in your photos. :D


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