Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sweet Scalloped Hem Shorts

As I sit here huddled up in a woolly jumper under a duvet... it doesn't feel like just 3 weeks ago that I was swanning around Vienna in 37 degree heat. Once again the scorching hot summer the Daily Mail promised failed to materialise and we're left clinging to suggestions of an 'Indian summer'. Well, they may not get another outing until next summer, but these Sweet Scalloped Shorts by Pattern Runway, may just be my favourite make of the summer... or even the year!
It was a pattern of a few firsts for me. My first welt pocket, and second.... and third until I finally got them right; and my first high waisted shorts or trousers. I didn't leave a great deal of time before our holiday, so decided to risk it and not make a toile. I checked my measurements carefully and even did a bit of pattern measuring, and they turned out a pretty perfect fit. I don't think I'd even change anything if when I make them again, and for once that's not just because I'm not sure how to!
It's a reasonably involved pattern, with lots of pieces that can be hard to keep track of. The instructions I found to be really clear, except with one little problem I had with the welt pockets. I didn't twig the first time that the second parallel line you stitch before turning the welt right side out, has to not catch any of the welt fabric otherwise it'll be seen on the outside. I'm not sure if it was me not transferring pattern markings over precisely, or a bum bit of measuring but my first welt pocket had this issue. Second welt pocket was a success, so much so that I made the next one exactly the same and ended up with two right legs.
The side pockets were a breeze, and the hem was quite straightforward too, I chose to just topstitch it, but the facing flaps out sometimes so I think i'll slip stitch it to the inside at some point in the future.
Unfortunately the photos of me in these beauties don't exactly show them too clearly, largely due to the black fabric choice. So you're going to just have to take my word for it. These shorts are awesome. Comfy, stylish and practical too, although does anyone really use welt pockets?!
That beautiful city in the background is Vienna. Possibly my favourite city I've ever visited, so much history and culture. Go there.
What's your favourite make of the summer?
Emily Kate.

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