Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New in the Shop for September...

It's been way too long since I last did one of these... so at long last I have a couple of new skylines in the shop. Both cities of the US, Seattle and Philadelphia.

Philadelphia wasn't on my list to do anytime soon, but I had a request from a customer to design it, and I have to say it was quite a straightforward one to do. It features many of the many skyscrapers of the citys skyline, including the Comcast Center, One and Two Liberty Place and the Mellon Bank Center.

I decided it was about time I did Seattle's skyline after watching an episode of Frasier a while back... Its dominated by the Space Needle, and also features the Smith Tower and the Washington Mutual Tower.
Next on the U.S cities list is Denver, and then I'm going to do the newest city skyline in the world (probably) Dubai! 
Emily Kate.

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