Monday, 28 September 2015

Morris Blazer from Grainline Studio

Now this looks like for once I actually started sewing my Autumn/winter projects at the beginning of the season. Until I tell you that this pattern has been sat taped up and cut out on my living room floor since July :o. Anyway, that was of course intentional as this is really more suitable for early Autumn weather before it gets too cold, although it could easily be worn under a winter coat.
This post is probably going to be quite a short one really, because as far as issues go, I had none. The Morris Blazer is my first pattern from Grainline Studio, although probably not my last. I love the simplicity and wearability of their patterns. Every one of them seems like something you could make countless versions of and wear time and time again. The definition of a wardrobe staple.
I cut a size 10, but graded down to an 8 at the bust to fit my measurements. The fabric I've used is a fail-safe black ponte knit. I'm always looking for a black or grey cardi to chuck on over my outfit so I figured I'd make my first in black, then go a bit more exciting for the next one. The jacket was an easy sew, done in a few hours. I'd never made a shawl collar before but found the instructions clear, and there's also a sew-along on the website so I checked with that where needed. Its labelled as an 'advanced beginner' pattern but I would say its more of a straightforward beginners one, especially if you're working with a thick knit like ponte.
I really love the fit of the jacket, it easily makes a casual outfit of jeans and a top a bit smarter and dressier for work or going out. It fits me really well, snugly but I'm still able to move my arms about easily.
I will definitely be making at least one or two more of this pattern...I've got some great patterned knit fabrics favourited on Etsy. Although do you ever find you get super excited by patterned fabric when sewing and then end up with a wardrobe full of items in cool prints, but that you can't wear together?! No? Just me then....

So my next foray into Grainline Studio will be for the Linden sweatshirt, and I've got my eye on the Moss Skirt as a future possibility for a cute little wool number....
Emily Kate.


  1. I like the look of that pattern. Will add it to my (long, long) list of planned things to make. It looks really good!

  2. I've just made the Tiny Pocket Tank from Grainline and I really like their other patterns too. This looks really cute on you. I'm trying to buy fabric which works with at least one other item in my wardrobe (unless I *have* to have it!) as I've been suffering with that problem too!

  3. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets


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