Thursday, 17 September 2015

Big Plans Are Afoot....

I first thought about sewing my own wedding dress nearly 18months ago. I was at a family wedding, my first wearing a home-sewn dress, when a seamstress friend asked if I would make my own. I hadn't really thought about it as I'd only been sewing a year, but from then on I decided that was as good a thing to aim for as anything else. Cue lots of inappropriate jokes from my non-sewing friends when I said I need to practice boning first...
So when the question finally rolled around last month, (It was never exactly going to be a surprise after almost 9 years, although the first thing out of my mouth was 'Are you sure?!') I already knew I was going to sew my own wedding dress.
There are some lovely DIY dresses out there in the blog world such as...
And what most of these have in common is that everyone told them it was a big risk, and that they shouldn't do it. What has worried me most is that no one I've told has said that to me. No one even seemed surprised. After all, they know I sew a lot, and know I like to DIY where I can. But everyone's casual acceptance that of course I would make my own dress, and belief that I was perfectly capable actually started to freak me out.
So it was kind of a relief when at a hen party recently the mother of the bride, a great home sewer, told me it was seriously risky and that I was taking too much on. Because that's when I was like 'No, you're wrong, I CAN DO THIS!'. Because if you want to see me do something, just tell me that I can't. I dare you.
So this is the start of the story of me making my own wedding dress. The big day is not much more than 9 and a half months away, so i'm starting as soon as possible!
Step one:- To Pinterest the bejesus out of every wedding dress, vintage dress and sewing pattern that could feasibly become a wedding dress known to man.

Step two:-  To go proper dress shopping to see what styles actually suit me, and will be happening this weekend.
So if you want to follow along with my wedding dress journey... stay tuned!
Emily Kate.


  1. It's my wedding anniversary today (17 years, blimey) and looking at the picture this morning I'm so pleased that my dress was handmade. Not by me - I've only been sewing for about a year - but by my best friend who is/was an amazing sewist. We designed it together and spent hours shopping for fabric and testing it out. This many years later I think about how kind and how brave she was to take it on when I asked her. But I'm so so pleased she did. Good luck with your design - but enjoy the process too, in creating something extraordinary.

    1. Thanks Nina, what a lovely story. I'm hoping to start asap to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!

  2. Just found your blog. Wedding dress making is seriously fun! I made mine last year. It was stressful, but doable, and I wouldn't have done it any other way.
    Here's mine:
    Good luck, and I look forward to following along

    1. Thanks Kaitlyn, I had a look at yours. It's so great to see other people have done it too, helps me to freak out a little less. I love the unique vintage style of yours, and it suits you perfectly.

    2. Thanks :) It's always less scary when you can look at other's versions. Best of luck


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