Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn/Winter Sewing Plans 2015

I read a quote in the Evening Standard earlier today from Colin Firth's eco-designer wife Livia, who said:
'You should only buy items of clothing that you can see yourself wearing 30 times.'
I think that's a great rule to live buy in this era of fast fashion. Whilst we sewers might be less inclined to 'impulse sew' (is that even a thing?!) our clothes due to the length of time it takes, it's still something to think about when sewing up a garment. Do I really need this in my wardrobe? Will I want to make at least a couple of versions of this pattern, so its worth the investment?
I've really been trying this year, and I think succeeding, to fill my wardrobe and pattern stash with key wearable items that i'll wear time and time again. Not buying too many prints without thinking, what will I be able to wear this with?!
This autumn and winter for me is going to be all about items I can layer, as it appears my closet is really not ready for cold and endless days of drizzle. I'm also planning to sew fairly simple patterns, nothing that's too much of a big project. After all the next 9 months of sewing time will largely be taken up with Operation Wedding Dress. However some simple straight forward sewing in between will really help me to not get too stressed and stew over every little insecurity I have about said dress.
So here are my main sewing projects for the next few months.... 

I've already started on my first Morris, after buying the pattern back at the start of summer. The 'jacket' section of my wardrobe largely consists of stretched out Primark cardigans, so a few versions of this stylish blazer are definitely needed..
This has also been in my plans for a while as a great pattern for layering up in the winter months. And I've seen some gorgeous Liberty sweatshirt print fabrics in my local shop!

I've not totally ruled out a winter coat this year, as I could really do with a new one. But I'm definitely going to try this super easy and 1950's style cape from Sew Over It Vintage.

After my first successful, perfectly fitting pair last week, I've already got two other fabrics lined up to fill my wardrobe with this great staple.
I'm also thinking of making up a couple of my favourite summer makes in wool for a great winter version. I saw a lovely boiled wool version of the Betty dress in Sew Over Its window yesterday, and the Hollyburn skirt by Sewaholic would also be great in a warmer fabric.
What are your sewing plans for this autumn and winter?
Emily Kate.

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