Monday, 17 August 2015

My Handmade Suitcase.

Sorry to disappoint anyone with a hankering for sewing up a suitcase, but this post is not about how I have sewn myself a lovely suitcase for travelling with but infact the contents of one. Even though it was 2014 that I pledged to not purchase any clothes I could buy, it has really been 2015 that I've been able to make a well rounded wardrobe of skirts, tops , jackets and dresses. And even one just-about-wearable pair of trousers. So I'm feeling very proud of my summer holiday wardrobe, which bar a couple of trusty rtw items is entirely hand-made.
I have a grand total of 6 dresses, 4 skirts, 1 pair of shorts, one jumpsuit and 6 tops. (And it all fit in my hand baggage!)

So what's in there? Well maybe a quarter of that is as yet unblogged, I really have been sewing like a fiend this summer. So more on those new items at a later date.
The rest of it you may have seen here before...:-)

My denim Wenona dress, Named patterns

Vintage shirt dress, Sew Over It

GBSB wrap dress

Scalloped neckline Lilly dress, Tilly and the buttons

Hollyburn skirt, Sewaholic

GBSB Box pleated skirt

GBSB tunic

Burda Trousers

Emily Kate.


  1. All very nice! That is the tricky thing; make a well-rounded wardrobe. Until recently, I was making lots of very nice dresses but ultimately, they were too nice to wear during the day e.g. to work. So I'm trying to readdress the balance.

    1. I was doing just the same thing. I seem to have a real shortage of everyday shirts, trousers etc, rtw or otherwise so I'm trying to not make many dresses!


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