Tuesday, 11 August 2015

GBSB Book - Box Pleated Skirt

I've been frantically sewing away for my upcoming holiday, and really trying to make my homemade wardrobe more versatile with tops, skirts and shorts rather than just endless amounts of dresses. Although a girls gotta have a lot of dresses...
This skirt is the box pleat skirt from the Great British Sewing Bee, Sew Your Own Wardrobe book. (the second one). I received this for my birthday last year but I haven't actually made much from it yet. The couple of things I did make had some fitting issues. They were mostly my fault, as I should have measured the pattern really, but they make the measurements of the garments really difficult to find tucked away in a chapter somewhere. This time I chose my size based on the finished garment measurements and the fit is much better. However with a skirt like this it was only really the waist fit I needed to get right!
It was a really quick and easy sew, box pleats are simple as long as you transfer all the markings correctly. I learnt how to do a lapped zip at the side, and I also added a lining as the fabric I chose was quite a lightweight cotton.
Its a bit difficult to see it clearly in the photos but the fabric is a lovely cream/off white colour with an ikat print in coral pink. I found it from a little indian etsy shop here.
The lapped zip is only in the skirt section so you need to add a hook and eye closure as well along the waistband edge. I used some hook and eyes that I found in a little box of sewing supplies I was given from the belongings of my great aunt who died a little while ago. The packaging suggests they were sold before World War 2, so its bringing a bit of history and vintage to my little skirt, and I'm sure she'd love to know they were used after all those years.
Do you have vintage sewing supplies you like to add for a finishing touch?

Emily Kate.

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