Saturday, 11 July 2015

Burda 7062- My First (wearable) Trousers!

You might have noticed I've been a bit slack on the blog post recently... that's because I've unfortunately had no electric in my flat for two whole weeks. It's been terribly frustrating and the sewing machine has had to sit idle for weeks rather than churning out the items on my ever growing summer list.

I first attempted a pair of trousers a few months ago, the Clover pants in a stretch denim from Colette. I found them a dead easy sew, but learnt the hard way that its always better to cut a size too big, than a size too small. They actually weren't a terrible fit, there just wasn't much any room to move, or breathe. No knickers in the world could hide from that close a fit, and I didn't fancy showing my VPL to half of London. 
So I put the clover pattern to the side and forgot all about trousers for a while. Then as the weather started hotting up and it was uncomfortable to wear jeans, I decided to have a go at another pair of trousers. This time I went for a looser fitting, but still tapered pair of trousers, Burda 7062.
Looking at my measurements I cut a size 16 as that's where they fit, however I now wish I had taken the advice of someone on Sewing Pattern Review and cut according to finished garment measurements. On first trying them on they were the complete opposite of the clovers and had a lot of room, particularly in the crotch. The legs also weren't as tapered as they looked in the photo. So after a bit of googling and help from Colette's pants fitting cheat sheet, I decided to scoop out the front crotch curve, and then take in the side seams. I also tapered them much more, going well within the smallest size. The result made them a much more elegant shape, and distinctly more wearable.
I did think they would still be mostly something I wore inside, rather than inflicting upon the public, but they actually don't look too bad at all. I've worn and washed them a couple of times now, and they are starting to get a bit looser, so I may take in the side seams again if I can face redoing the zip once more.
I do really like the pattern though, so I've decided I will be making a couple more pairs, in more exciting cotton prints. I've also decided I may need a small sway back adjustment, so I've already factored one into the pattern, but not yet had a chance to try it out.
The pictures don't show them in the best light I think... there's not normally half as many creases!

Emily Kate

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