Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

In my quest to fill my wardrobe with everyday staple items, that can transgress seasons and are appropriate for work, I recently invested in a couple of new patterns, the Named Wenona shirt, and Sewaholic's Hollyburn skirt. Ive already blogged about my first version of the Wenona here, and I've made two more sleeveless versions which I'll blog about another day.  

So this is my first Hollyburn, but hopefully not my last. I picked view B for this version as I liked the button tab detail and the mid length, not too dowdy or too short for work. (bearing in mind I work with children...!) This is the first pattern I've used in a while that is printed on traditional pattern paper, rather than standard paper or needed to be traced, and I'd forgotten just how flimsy it is. Really I should have traced it, but as this only needs your waist measurement and I was bang on the size 10 I decided to be naughty and just cut it straight out.
The fabric I used is a mid weight shirting cotton I picked up at Fabrics Galore in a medium/royal blue colour with some white woven in. The buttons I used are white with a tiny Aztec style print on them in grey.

I found the instructions really straightforward to follow and as this is labelled as a beginner pattern I'm pretty chuffed about that, as perhaps it's okay to label myself as intermediate now. The pocket instructions were great, including the understitching. If I had sewn this for my very first project as a beginner I would certainly have understood understitching so much more than I did at the time. I managed to sew the whole thing up in just one afternoon/evening session, having cut out the pattern the night before. It could have been just a couple of hours but I decided to hand slip-stitch the hem and the waistband facing down. That took considerably longer, but was good hand-sewing practice and the hem is very nearly invisible.
I really like the style of this skirt especially worn with a sleeveless shirt tucked in. It is quite 40's/50's in style, an era of fashion I really love, in part due to my recent discovery of Mad Men! The fabric was a good choice, its cool in summer but should also work in colder weather over tights. When I make another I may take a couple of inches off as I like my skirts to sit just above the knee, rather than below as this one does. However it does mean this version is just about suitable to cycle in (I have a low framed bike so no knickers are flashed!)
I already have a second version of this planned for this summer, using a bit of colour blocking inspired by a RTW skirt I saw somewhere recently.

Emily Kate.


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