Friday, 5 June 2015

Me Made May....Part 2

It's been a while since my last post I'm afraid... but never fear, it doesn't mean I'm not sewing, just that all this photo taking rather tired me out!
As I said in my last post, this Me Made May I made it my mission to see how may days I could go wearing a different handmade item before I had run out. I made it to 25 different items, although there are a few in my closet that I didn't wear. One summer dress I completely forgot about, and although May has been reasonably nice it was unlikely my rather short shorts were going to be able to put in an appearance.
 I also have one or two items that I just don't think are very 'me' and border on me looking frumpy, so decided not to wear them just for the sake of it. After all, the point was to learn about my wardrobe and what items I actually wear. So hey, if it was February I could have done a different item each day (although Me Made February doesn't have quite the same ring)
I learnt quite a bit about my wardrobe, and my style. I really need many more separates, and things that are suitable for work. I also realised that my staple black and grey cardis that I chuck on most days can be quite a downer on an outfit. Not so stylish. So on that note on my sewing table at the moment is the new Grainline Morris blazer pattern, and a staple Burda 7062 trouser pattern I'm hoping can be the first trouser pattern I really master.
I have loads of sewing plans over the next couple of months to really flesh out my summer wardrobe ( the autumn? Ha!) but I've decided to really think about my pattern choices. I find I can get super excited about a pattern but then realise later that it's not really very me, or wouldn't suit my body shape. I definitely feel that my personal style has changed as I head into my later twenties, a few less twee mini dresses around..
All this photo taking everyday has also really helped me to love my new bob haircut, that I wasn't 100% sure about before!
So here are my last 11 handmade items, not in date order...
       Self drafted dress                                                       GBSB boyfriend shirt

GBSB tunic with scalloped edge                                  Salme playsuit pattern

 Tilly and the Buttons Clemence skirt                                   GBSB Tunic
     Self-drafted t-shirt                                                      Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt
   Self drafted vintage dress                                      Named Wenona shirt without sleeves

      GBSB tote bag pattern 
Emily Kate. 

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