Thursday, 18 June 2015

Little Black Lilou Dress

I made my first Lilou dress from Tilly and the Buttons book Love at First Stitch last summer, after receiving the book for my birthday. It was my first ever lined garment, and is one of the best fitting dresses I own (RTW or otherwise!) and yet somehow never made it to it's own blog post.
So I decided it was about time I made another. I actually don't have many summery dresses at all so now the sun is out its about time I cracked on with the summer sewing!
As soon as I saw the 'make it your own' section for the Lilou dress, instructions for doing a scallop neckline, I knew I had to make one at some point. I decided a solid colour would show off the scallops best, and every girl needs a little black summery dress. The fabric is black poplin and I used a black cotton lawn for the bodice lining.

I forgot the pattern needed a 60" width fabric (sheer fluke I bought the right width for the first one!) so I decided to do a gathered skirt. I also chose to line the skirt as well. The poplin was easy to see through in direct sunlight, and I didn't fancy flashing my knickers to half of London....
As it was a last minute decision I had to use the left over poplin, and gather it separately to the top layer as it wasn't wide enough. When it came to attaching the zip to the lining and finishing the seam, I made it up as I went along and it looks pretty darn good. A testament to my sewing progress!
The back looks a bit wrinkled in the above photo but I think that's just the skirt rucking up a little and my bad posture... it does fit very well. (honest!)
I made one fitting adjustment from my last Lilou, taking some of the length out of the shoulder strap as it was a bit loose. This resulted in a lovely sitting neckline and shoulders, but unfortunately I didn't think about the armscye which is now a little too snug.
Despite that one tiny annoyance, everything else about this dress I absolutely love. It's cute but the colour stops it being too cutesy and means it will go with anything! Its also got to be the neatest item I've made when looked at inside out. Not a single raw seam to be seen! (now that's easier to write than say....)
Emily Kate

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