Monday, 9 March 2015

Clover Trousers!

I made some trousers! (or pants depending on which side of the pond you hail from) And they even sort of fit, as long as I have no intention of eating... or sitting down.. These have been been on my sewing list for so long, but I've shyed away from making them as I was scared about the fitting process. Confession time.... I have never really done any fitting alterations. I'm pretty lucky in that I'm a fairly standard size, not too pear shaped/too tall/too small, just distinctly average. I've taken out seams before, trying things on as I go, but this is the first garment I've made that the fit really mattered and would be very obvious.

This is my second muslin, the first pair I cut a standard size 10 but they were just a touch too tight around the waist and wouldn't quite do up. I also added about 3 inches to the length as they were much too short.

I used Sarai's fitting cheatsheet, which if you're thinking of making these is an absolute must read. I decided I needed a large waist adjustment, so I added an inch. It's not quite enough and perhaps with another inch these would be perfect. I'm happy with the fit everywhere else, there's not normally many wrinkles across the front at all, I think the way I'm standing is not helping!

The fabric I used is a stretch denim I found on sale for just £2 a metre, so it was perfect for a muslin. I didn't bother with the pockets for the second pair as I found them a bit impractical. I think for my next pair i'll try and add side ones instead, Sally Oh has a great tutorial for that here.

For my next pair I'm going to try a cotton twill in black probably and then when I've perfected the fit go for something more adventurous.

All in all though, for my first ever pair of trousers and my first real fitting challenge, they're not half bad. I do feel quite like Sandy from Grease though...

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