Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mimi Blouse - Love at First Stitch

Since getting the Love at First Stitch book for my birthday from Mr Makes in July, I have made all the garments, except for the Mimi blouse which as you know I put on my list of things to sew in 2015.
So I decided to go for a plain fabric rather than a pattern for my first Mimi and chose a cute turquoise viscose, thinking it would have a lovely drape.
Which it did. 
But it was such a real pain in the **** to deal with.
I have made one garment in viscose before, but I don't remember struggling half as much. Cutting out is my least favourite bit of a project and I don't think I'm as precise as I could be on a good day, let alone when the fabric is wiggling all over the place!
I found the pattern and instructions easy to follow, as always with one of Tilly's. I did have a minor panic attack when I couldn't find the neckline facing piece of the pattern, but I eventually twigged it was labelled yoke facing on the pattern sheet, but neckline facing everywhere else.
I have to say I'm not 100% sure that the blouse really suits me, I worry it is erring a little on the side of frumpy, when it looks so cute in the book. I could try cutting a size smaller, but I do quite like the loose-fitting casual look.

The collar isn't sitting flat in the photo so it looks wonky but it really is in the middle...honestly! And lets not even talk about what's going on with my right sock.... it was really cold so photos were taken super quickly!
So what do you think? Any tips for cutting out viscose fabric?

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