Saturday, 24 January 2015

Super Cozy Slipper Socks

The weather at the moment is so cold here in the UK that even though I've got loads of lovely things on my sewing list, I'm not feeling particularly motivated to sew dresses and blouses or even to emerge from under my snuggie on the sofa. Besides which after all the placket/pocket matching business of the Negroni shirt, I was ready for a little sewing break.
So I did some knitting.
I found this sock pattern on Ravelry here a few years ago and it's super easy, perfect for a first go at sewing socks. Its also really quick, these took me just one evening of knitting, could be even quicker if you do two at a time (not attempted this yet!) I used some wool I had left from last years bulk buy from Ice yarns, a cream 'Flamme' wool which is 50% wool, 50% acrylic, I think it's been discontinued now. This makes it great for socks, harder wearing than wool and able to machine wash easily but still lovely and soft. It's a sort of variegated yarn, some thin bits and some fluffier thick bits which gives a nice look. 
I made a couple of changes to the pattern to fit my size 6 ladies feet. I increased to just 11 stitches to begin with, then knitted until it measured 5.5 inches before the gusset increases.
I also added some homemade puffy paint to the soles, this makes them non-slip and you can do something pretty with it :). You need just 3 ingredients to make this, mix them together until they combine. I used a disposable piping bag to paint little hearts onto the socks... don't use your usual piping bag, unless of course you like the flavour of shaving foam.
Make sure the paint is COMPLETELY dry before wearing the socks. Otherwise it'll stick to your carpet, get mushed into the socks and generally not look so pretty anymore. (Trust me....)
These are perfect for wearing around the house in this cold weather, and look great with ankle boots!

Happy knitting!
Emily Kate.


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