Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Year of No Shopping...Roundup

At the beginning of 2014 I made a few crafty new year resolutions, so it's about time to look back at them....
Keep making my own clothes, and learning more difficult sewing techniques. - I've kept sewing, even more often as the year went on and tackled more difficult projects.
Wear a handmade dress to each of the 2 weddings I'm attending this year! - done..although I haven't shared either with you on here...I will do ! And it ended up being 3 weddings...
Learn to crochet so I can make a granny blanket- I have learnt to crochet, but the blanket is only half done currently.
Keep blogging regularly - Yes, although I want to keep to one a week.
Open a new Etsy shop for my free motion stitching, and get on with making more cushions with various city skylines on! - Yes, although I haven't spent much time on it really, I need to fill it with more items, which is this years plan!

At the beginning of the year, I also set myself a challenge. Which I'm sure I had blogged about, but I can't find anywhere, so perhaps not. I decided I would try to go the whole year without buying anything from the high street that I couldn't have a good shot at making myself.
And how has it gone?
Well this year I have bought... one pair of jeans and two basic t-shirt tops. And I got another pair of jeans and a jumper as a presents.

So all in all I think I did pretty well in my challenge. I didn't buy any skirts, tops, dresses but made them all myself. I even made myself a hacking jacket and a shirt. This year I've learnt to do invisible zips, flat felled seams, princess seams and dealt with collars, lapels and yokes. The one item I'm most proud about I think is my jacket.

So now the year is over, will I keep sewing all my own clothes or start shopping again?
Well I'm certainly not going to stop sewing anytime soon, but if I saw an item in a shop I really loved I wouldn't stop myself from buying it either.
What this year has done is made me really appreciate each item in my wardrobe. Gone are the days of buying cheap tat in Primark that I sometimes wouldn't even get around to wearing. When you make the effort to find fabric, cut, press and spend hours sewing together a garment, you wear it, even if its not as perfect as you'd like. It also makes me think about the hours put into making ready-to-wear clothing in factories out in places like Bangladesh, compared to how little we pay for it and I'm proud that I'm not as much a part of the problem as I used to be.

Here's to 2015!

Emily Kate

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