Friday, 24 October 2014

Homemade Wedding Favours

I think a few years ago before the recession, the average wedding cost was said to be around $25,000 in the US, and £18,000 over here in the UK. Now due to the economic slowdown everyone is looking to cut costs. Coupled with the fact that people are moving away from the world of mass manufacture and wanting something handmade and unique, making bits and bobs for your wedding yourself and with family and friends is becoming very popular.

Now when I eventually get married, I'm intending to make absolutely anything and everything I can for my wedding. Not just to save costs and because Mr Makes is rather stingy, but because that's what I love to do. However I realise that's not everyone's bag. But something like making your own favours can be a really lovely handmade touch, not too time consuming, cheap and unique to you.
So when a family member got married a couple of weeks ago and asked me to help do the favours I was happy to help. The groom is Welsh and they were getting married in Cardiff so we decided to do miniature welsh cakes for the favours.

All you need for making your own favours like this is some cellophane wrap, you can get this online, from florists shops, and they even sell it in the Danish shop Tiger. I like the stuff with polka dots. And you need some ribbon, perhaps to match your colour theme, and maybe some little labels (although these aren't essential) Lastly of course your treat to put inside, you could make your favourite cookie recipe, little rocky roads or brownies, or even some fudge. If you don't fancy making something yourself you could buy it instead, although that would make them a bit more costly.

All you need to do is make a little pile of the treats in the middle of a square of cellophane, bring up the corners to meet in the middle and scrunch together carefully without crushing what's inside. Get someone to hold it while you cut a length of ribbon and wrap it around, tying in a bow and curling the ends. Tie on the labels, and you're done!

Emily Kate

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