Friday, 17 October 2014

Geometric Tapestry Crochet Clutch Bag

In the summer I decided I wanted to learn to crochet, in order to make a granny blanket (still a work in progress!) and then I saw in Mollie Makes a quirky crochet clutch bag. So fast forward a couple of months of a bit of crocheting here and there and I decided I was ready to tackle this tapestry crochet, a technique for creating colourwork patterns in crochet.

I'm not usually a big fan of crochet bags/garments, but I think the geometric pattern and leather flap make this much more stylish than your average crochet bag. It is also big enough to carry books and/or a laptop. Infact its probably best to use it for books and carry under your arm, I find mine is rather floppy and stretches if it doesn't have a book in it to keep the rectangular shape.

The tapestry crochet I found pretty straightforward, although it does require a bit of brainwork to make sure you pick up/put down threads in the right place, and also to make sure you always leave the yarn on the wrong side of your work, I didn't see that mentioned in the magazine article. Your yarn does get in quite a mess, but I found it easier to just sit on the sofa in a mess of yarn all around me and it sorts itself out as you loose balls of yarn. Best to have someone handy to fetch things though....

Now one major issue I had with this project were the instructions in the magazine. This is only my second crochet project so really I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but following the instructions for the first 12 lines or so, before the pattern started, I found my bag getting really quite long, quite quickly. After 12 lines my bag was already 6/7" long, and there are 90 lines to the pattern. It does quite clearly say that each line is double crochet, but from looking at the pictures and the colourwork pattern, I deduced that there had been a fairly major boo-boo of the pattern being written in single crochet, and then telling you to double crochet everything. So I unwound the project back to the start, and halved the amount of rows. Each row of the bag corresponded to 2 rows of the colourwork pattern in the magazine. And then it all made a lot more sense and was the right size!

This video, if you can look past the cringe 80's shirt may help with your tapestry crochet...


Emily Kate

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