Saturday, 27 September 2014

Clemence Skirt

I did a brief review on Tilly's book 'Love at First Stitch', a while back after I got it for my birthday in July. Writing that down I realise it was less than 3 months ago, but I've already made both the Clemence and Delphine Skirt (which wants to autocorrect to dolphin!) and also the Lilou dress. I've also just bought some fabric to make the Megan dress. Eventually I will get around to reviewing all of these patterns, but surely the fact I've made pretty much everything in the book (and plan to make the others) is testimony to just how great this book is. If you are thinking of taking up sewing, or know someone who is, BUY THIS. If like me, you have been sewing a while and want to fill your wardrobe with great staples BUY THIS. Seriously, you've got to have a pretty good reason not to have this book on your shelf.

Anyway on to the pattern.....

It's basically an introduction to making your own patterns, as its just a collection of rectangles that need to be adjusted to your measurements. When taking your measurements BE HONEST.... I'm getting to that age where I no longer have the metabolism of a teenager/student, and I'm carrying a few more pounds than i'd like, so I pulled the tape a little tight when I measured my waist, and it is a tad tighter than i'd like it to be. I've heard the best way to find your natural waist is to hold the tape together higher up, under your bust, then wiggle about a bit until the tape slips down to your natural waist.
I used a beautiful medium-weight quilting cotton in an ivory/grey foliage print with yellow birds on it, and had a few issues deciding which way the print should be. I worked it out, only to mess up and do the waistband pattern perpendicular, but I don't think anyone will notice really....

The instructions for the pattern are great, I've done quite a bit of gathering before, but Tilly gives really great advice on how to do it so it is completely even, such as making sure to stitch with the gathers on top which I stupidly haven't done previously. She also explains well how to 'stitch in the ditch' which despite a lot of googling in the past I've never really understood why I had to do it.

I did think the first time I wore my skirt that perhaps with the reasonably thick fabric I should have done a few less gathers, as I usually wear things that sit on my hips, and I felt it was sticking out quite a bit. However after seeing photos of me in it, I think its really quite flattering, and I will definitely be making another, perhaps for next summer. Tilly suggests medium-weight fabrics, but I fancy doing it in a lightweight cotton or viscose, I think it could be really cute, although may need a lining slip.

The background is the beautiful Minnewater lake and park in Bruges, Belgium.

Emily Kate

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