Friday, 15 August 2014

Tote Bag from Great British Sewing Bee Book

I've been sewing like a fiend this summer (although not blogging like one!) as I bought lots of fabric with birthday money and have loads of new patterns to try out with my two new books. However I realised if I carried on at the rate I was going my little flat was going to end up full of clothes and maybe it was about time I sewed something other than dresses and skirts. The bag featured in the first GBSB has been on my list for ages so I decided to get around to it. You can always do with another tote bag, especially as its the perfect size for books or in my case, music.

After rather a long time looking at all the exciting upholstery fabric in Fabric Galore, I settled on a oldly world map print, which suits me pretty well being a bit of a geography geek.
The pattern was relatively easy to follow, even if the wording was confusing in places. Although I realised it only told you to stitch the tabs on to the front of the hag, with no mention of the back. Luckily I realised, but again mistakes that could be easily rectified with a good proof reading GBSB!
It was also my first go at sewing leather, or in my case pleather, which I found a bit tricky. Tip: practice on scraps first to get the stitch length/tension correct!

Anyhoo, overall I'm happy with my bag and intend to make it again. I think I would add a zip or popper though for securities sake, maybe even a pocket or two for the oyster card...

Emily Kate.

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