Thursday, 24 July 2014

Flea Market Shopping

My parents have always gone for a traditional / country living style of home decor rather than the modern chrome/minimalist style that came into fashion a few years ago. Well they are country bumpkins after all, what do you expect! So when they bought a Victorian house and started renovating, they filled it with vintage furniture. They found a flea market not too far away, and have been regulars ever since.
The 'shabby chic' style of home decor is very much in fashion at the moment, and there's stores and market stalls full of upcycled wooden furniture painted in Annie Sloane or Farrow and Ball paint. But if you find a good market you can cut out the middle man and get a bargain, whilst also giving a once-loved piece of furniture a new home.

So here are a few of our bargain buys!

A lovely ceramic bread bin.
A chest I'm going to sand, wax and use for keeping shoes in, when I have a bit more room!
A hallway cabinet or chest.

This is my favourite, a small cabinet that my dad made into a washbasin by cutting a hole in the top and fitting a ceramic sink bowl in. 

So if you've never visited a flea market, why not give it a try. Pinterest is brilliant for ideas for quirky upcycling projects and you can even find some great vintage fabric and clothing.

Emily Kate

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