Saturday, 28 June 2014

Walthamstow Market

In my 'day job' as a musician and teacher, I'm a member of a woodwind quintet. Since last year, 3 of the others members now live way up in Walthamstow, so I've been trekking to the other end of the Victoria line on a fairly frequent basis. Now I spent quite lot of time complaining about when it was 9am on a Monday, but when we had some Saturday rehearsals I realised it was the perfect opportunity to go and check out Walthamstow market.

The first time I allowed half an hour to look round the market and fabric shops, stupidly thinking that was enough time, without realising how busy the place would be! The next week I had 2 hours so plenty of time for wandering.

I only actually visited a couple of places, as I set myself a budget of only £15. I loved the 'textile centre' behind the kitchen stall, which was full of really lovely patterned fabrics, particularly border ones, and I finally discovered 'The Man Outside Sainsbury's' - a great fabric stall run by a nice bloke who had great customer service.

If you are a recent convert to sewing, like myself I highly recommend visiting Walthamstow, despite the cost of getting there you will save so much money compared to most fabric shops that it is just 100 percent worth it. Yes it may be a trek, but at least if you fall asleep on the Victoria line it's the end of the line anyway!

If you decide to make a visit, check out Karen at Did You Make That?'s PDF map and informative posts from a local girl.

>>>>>>. And here are the fabrics I bought.

The blue polka dot was £2 a metre from The Man Outside Sainsbury's, and the other 2 were both from the Textile Centre, the border print was about £2.80 a metre and the flowery one £2.20.
All in all I got fabric for 3 outfits for about £12.50. That's what I call a bargain...!

Emily Kate

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