Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Me Made May 2014 Roundup

As it's been over a week since May ended I thought it was about time I got around to summing MeMadeMay14 up.

So, first off did I manage it?

Yes, everyday I wore an item I'd made, although of course for most many of the days it was the same few items! I didn't interact as much as I'd like with other blogger/sewers out there doing the challenge, as I don't have instagram and ended up having a rather busy month.

What did I get done during the challenge month?

I made 2 new tops, my favourite being the button back blouse, two pairs of pyjamas, and a tunic dress I've yet to blog about. I also refashioned a pair of shoes, some suit trousers and a men's shirt.

What did I learn about my wardrobe?

I learnt that I don't have many summery items in my handmade wardrobe, which I guess is what happens when you start sewing in the autumn. I've also realised more generally that I'm getting to the age where my wardrobe is going through a bit of a style change. I've had things that I've been wearing since my sixth form or early university days that I just feel I've grown out of now, although not literally as such! My skirts are inching downwards and I'm finally realising what styles suit me properly. My handmade wardrobe is also much more colourful with bolder prints than what I usually buy in the shops.

I also made a pledge at the start of the year to not buy any clothing, or at least anything I couldn't make myself. We're nearly at the halfway stage and I'm yet to buy any clothes! I've bought shoes and some underwear and I have a huge hole in my favourite pair of jeans so will be replacing them soon (so I don't start showing said underwear), but other than that I've steered well clear of the high street.

I've been sewing now for almost a year and recently started feeling much more confident in my abilities, so the idea of sewing my whole wardrobe for a year doesn't faze me half as much anymore. I love the freedom that sewing brings... it's so rare to find an item of clothing in the shops that is both a nice style, fabric and fits. My next pattern challenge that I've wanted to do for a long time is the Colette trousers. I think this would be a good pattern for my first attempt at adjusting and such a great wardrobe staple... I'm already visioning pairs in black, grey, red, checked and tartan print.

Emily Kate

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