Monday, 30 June 2014

Colour Block Tunic Dress

Now that I've been sewing a while (almost a whole year) and I've been boycotting the high street, I'm pretty much constantly thinking of what I want to sew next, particularly when I see people wearing cute outfits. The inspiration for this dress came from one I saw someone wearing in the street, and is now my favourite outfit I've made so far.

For the pattern for this dress I used the tunic from the Great British Sewing Bee book and added an extra 30cm or so on the bottom to make it into a dress. I cut the pattern pieces into two, to create the upside down v shape . I wanted the point to come just under the bust but I didn't measure it correctly so it's a little lower than I wanted. It was quite a bit of trial and error to get the seam right in the middle, but it just about worked out in the end, there's a tiny tuck in the fabric at the point but its barely noticeable.

I chose yellow and white as I thought they were perfect colours for spring and complimented each other well. It looks great with bare legs, sandals and sunglasses but on the day the photos were taken it was the first rainy chilly day in ages so I wimped out and put tights and my pumps on.

I'm pretty chuffed with the overall look of the dress, if fits pretty well and the whole geometric/colour block look in very in fashion at the moment.

If you want to create a dress like this, try adapting your favourite loose top pattern. I'm thinking of making another in the future so will try to make a tutorial for the centre seam. To make it simpler you could do just a straight seam across the bodice, perhaps in black and white for a really contrasting effect.

Whose beautiful garden, I hear you asking? Unfortunately my one bed London flat doesn't come with this kinda land so I borrowed William III's at Hampton Court Palace for a few photos.

Emily Kate.

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