Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Spicing up some Ballet Pumps...

Now this is a little bit of a cheat 'refashion' or 'repurpose' since I bought these shoes particularly for this, and from a High street store beginning with P to boot. I would have used a pair of pumps I already owned but since I wear them till they practically fall off my feet by the end of the summer, it was time I bought some new shows anyhoo. This is just a little way to jazz them up so your feet don't look like anyone else's!
I'm afraid there aren't any pictures of the process but it's very straightforward....
All you need is:
  • A pair of plain ballet pumps.
  • 2 strips of fabric in a colour that coordinates with the pumps, measuring 20" by 2.5".
  • Thread matching the fabric.
  •  a piece of lace ribbon no more than 1/2" wide, and 40" long.
First press the strips of fabric. Fold in half lengthways and press. Open back out and press each raw edge into the middle. Fold each end of the strips to the wrong side by 1cm and sew across. Now refold the fabric on the original lengthwise fold so there are no raw edges showing. Press and pin in place. Sew as close to the edge as possible using a zip foot.
Cut the lace in half so each piece is the same length as the strips of fabric, and pin to the fabric. Sew down each side as close to the edge as you can.
Now your pieces of ribbon are complete, play around with how you want to tie the bow, thinking about how it will look on the pumps. When you're happy take a needle and matching thread and hand sew the ribbon to the pumps, through the inside of the pumps. Do several tight stitches and then knot the thread.
Tie the ribbon and then they're ready to wear!
Emily Kate

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