Monday, 5 May 2014

Refashioned Men's Shirt for Me Made May

May is well and truly underway, and so far I have stuck to my goal of wearing one item made by my very own hands each day. Granted some days its been the same item, but that's allowed!

So my first Me Made May post, and first ever refashioned item, is this shirt.
In it's past life it was one of my boyfriends work shirts. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of what it looked like first, although needless to say it was rather roomy.

So what did I do?
  • I cut off the sleeves and the collar, cutting the front into a lower round neckline.
  • I took in the side seams and added (slightly uneven!) bust darts.
  • I was unsure what to do about the gappy-ness at the back of the shirt so added two small pleats on each side.
  • I made some bias binding out of a lovely light grey/floral fabric I used here, and used it to bind the neck and armhole edges.
  • Lastly I took off the old buttons and added dark pink ones matching one of the colours in the binding fabric.
It is still a bit gappy around the bust buttons so i'll sew it down on the buttonhole bands, as I can put it on without a closure.
Not sure the photo really does it justice, but it fits pretty well now and looks quite cute. So I think I would say my first ever refashion was a success!

Emily Kate

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