Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Perfect Scone Recipe

So we're well into spring now, yet despite there being more hours in the day I appear to be procrastinating more. Be prepared for an onslew of posts to herald in the start of Me Made May 14 on Thursday. Anyway, my favourite way to spend an spring Sunday afternoon, or any Sunday afternoon for that matter, is in a tearoom, usually/preferably in Somerset with a cream tea. (that's tea with scones, jam and clotted cream) And its scones... none of this 'scooaaanes' rubbish.

After living in London for 7 years I firmly believe you cannot get a good cream tea here. Perhaps I haven't exactly tried that hard, but personally I think a good cream tea should be had in a quaint country tearoom, preferably in the garden, and not set you back much more than a fiver. (that's the Ritz out then...)
The marker of a good café/tearoom is it's scones, or at least in my family it is. And the so far undisputed best place for scones ever, has to be Derricks Tea Rooms in my home town of Cheddar. Amazing fluffy huge scones with plenty of clotted cream and jam, perfect after a stroll up the gorge.

Despite me baking pretty much every dessert or snack/cake food that passes mine and my man's lips, I've only made scones a couple of times. That's because they just weren't as good as the ones at Derricks. However it's all in the recipe, and I think I've found one now that's pretty damn good, Paul Hollywood's scones.

The bread flour helps the scones to rise and have a good structure. I decided to use buttermilk rather than normal milk when I made these for the second time, and I think it made them that bit richer and softer, they were slightly dry the first time. I also think the recipe could do with just a pinch of salt to add a bit of flavour. The trick with scones is to handle the dough as little as possible, and the suggestion to turn and fold I found worked well without overworking the dough.

So there you have it, the perfect scone recipe. Once you've got it, they are so quick and easy to make and utterly delicious.

Jam over cream of course ;).

Emily Kate

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