Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lace Stud Earring Tutorial

I went to a family wedding last weekend, and had decided quite a while back that I was going to make my dress for the occasion. I'd finished it with a couple of weeks to go, so decided to make a little clutch bag too, and then some fabric covered earrings. I drew the line at shoes...
So the post on the full outfit for the pattern review will be next, but for now here is a very simple tutorial for making a cute pair of stud earrings to match any outfit. I used some black lace trim on my dress so decided to use this to make these earrings using the same lace, with a light backing fabric to show the lace pattern through.

Here's everything you need:

The buttons I used were Prym self cover 15mm buttons, which I think are a pretty perfect size, big enough to see the fabric properly but not too big that they look over the top. For the earring posts and backs, I only managed to find a very small set, but I would recommend getting the biggest possible to fit in the button if possible, to help the glue stick.

First, take the buttons and use a pair of pliers, or try with your fingers, to pinch and then lift out the shanks so they look like this:

Draw around a button using a fabric marker onto the plain backing fabric, and then draw a circle 1.5cm bigger all around the button. Cut out the circle and use it to cut another circle from the backing fabric and 2 from the lace fabric.
If you have a button tool you could use it, but otherwise just use your fingers to attach the backing fabric to the buttons by using your nails to push it between the metal teeth. Then do the same with the lace fabric over the top. Press the earring backs on firmly, you'll feel a pop when it's on properly.
All that's left to do is add the strong superglue or alternative to the button back and attach the earring post, holding in place until the glue sets hard.
And there you have it, a simple and quick way to make the perfect earrings to match any outfit!
The buttons I used and earring backs came to about £4.50 ($7.50), and I had enough for 2 pairs of earrings, so a very cost effective option too!

Emily Kate.

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