Friday, 28 February 2014

Sewing Bee Book Tunic

I've finally got around to finishing the first pattern from the first Great British Sewing Bee today. Which is perhaps good timing actually as the new series started last week, and there's a new book released soon, already added to my birthday list.

So I have to say I found this pattern really quite a pain to begin with. I bought some silk fabric to use, but it was my first time working with silk and I bought a colour I'm not entirely sure I would wear. I'm not even sure I'd wear silk! The first stumbling block I found with the pattern was the zip. I bought a matching colour rather than a contrasting, but when it came to doing a 'revealed' zip, I couldn't quite work out how to do it.  The book gives helpful instructions on how to a lot of things earlier in the book, but this isn't one of them which was quite frustrating! I tried googling it to no avail, so eventually decided to do a normal zip.

The other MAJOR issue I had was with the all in one facing. After I had sewn the neckline, I just couldn't work out how to do the armholes without ending up with the facing/top all twisted, or impossible to turn inside out. I spent ages looking it up everywhere, in my sewing books, online but I still couldn't work out how it was supposed to work. So if you've managed to work out this technique for enclosing all seams on the inside of the facing, please let me know!

After all that, I decided to just start again. I bought a lovely liberty tana lawn from my local fabric shop, and started again, this time using the easier facing method used in another pattern in the book. This time it was much smoother, and I had the tunic finished in a few hours. I used the mid length, long top line on the pattern.

I loved working with the liberty fabric, it was such an easy soft fabric to work with and a gorgeous print. I only needed a metre of fabric, so with the zip it came to £16.25, which is not bad at all really compared to what you might pay for a similar top in a high street shop. This is also really the first item of clothing that I'm really happy with the finish on the inside too, feeling pretty chuffed with myself :)

Emily Kate.


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