Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lace pattern Cushion

I'm starting, slowly to get around to starting my new years resolutions. Perhaps they should be February resolutions. I've decided one of them will be the popular 'Make not Buy', as in I won't buy any clothes this year, I'll make them instead. When I told my mum this she pointed out I'll have to buy jeans probably and shoes, but I have enough of those to last me the year anyway probably. So this does mean I have 2 wedding outfits to make, one by the next month!

I've started some new cushions to eventually open a new etsy shop. I've got more plans for city themed ones, but this is a bit of a new experiment.

Lace is my new favourite thing. It's just so pretty. So I had an idea to see if I could free motion embroider a lace sort of pattern onto a cushion. I found a picture of a lace doily I liked online and printed it out as big as I could. I then pinned the fabric on top of the picture and used a water dissolvable (is that a word?!) pen to draw on the design. My fabric is 100% cotton so you can just about see through it, but I did it against a window so the light shines the pattern through. Not easy when we've had approximately one day where it hasn't rained since the start of 2014. And that's probably exaggerating. Perhaps it's time I invested in a light box after all.  

It was really fun to do, as it was quite easy to do most of it in one fluid motion without having to lift the needle and cut lots of little threads.

So stay tuned for the new shop announcement featuring this beauty and others in the coming weeks...

Emily Kate

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  1. Love your work!!! This pillow is just beautiful!!


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