Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ice Yarns Review

When Winter started coming around in around November last year, I had a list of several things I wanted to knit, for myself and for Christmas presents. I got a lovely book, Learn to knit, love to knit, for my birthday and couldn't wait to make some of the lovely chunky knits in it. So I started looking at yarns on ravelry, but as much as I love that site, the yarns that come up most often are always American ones, very difficult or expensive to get over here in the UK. I looked on eBay and Ice Yarns, a company based in Turkey come up frequently. I did a bit of googling, but couldn't really find many reviews on the stuff. But given how reasonably priced it is, I decided to buy some despite not knowing really what I would get.

 I have to say from looking at the yarn label, it looks like quite cheap acrylic yarn. But when you peruse their website, I was amazed at the variety of yarn they produce. You do have to order a pack of each type you order, 6, 8, or 4 balls, but given that 1 ball is usually somewhere between 50p and £2, each pack is often less than 1 ball of expensive pure wool. And although most of the yarn is acrylic or has some percentage of acrylic in it, one of the packs I ordered was filzy wool, a chunky 100% wool, in mustard yellow, a colour I'm a little obsessed with but not that easily found. I used it to make a lovely 'GAP-tastic cowl' a pattern found on ravelry here.  

I also bought a few different packs of alpaca/acrylic/wool blends.  They have many different blends of usually 50% acrylic, with natural fibres, perfect for Christmas presents of socks and gloves which people can just chuck in the washing machine without worrying. I ordered a Peru alpaca and macho alpaca, and a cream wool called flamme. That was my favourite one, a sort of slubby worsted, which I used to make lovely cosy slipper socks.

All together I spent around £40 ($67.00), including shipping, and for that I got 4 balls of the 100% wool, 8 balls of black worsted, 8 of turquoise, 8 of chunky blue, and 8 of cream worsted. Which I think is a pretty good deal! So far I've made 4 pairs of slipper socks, one bobble hat, one pair of gloves and one cowl, and I still have more than half the wool left!

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommend Ice yarns, if you need quite a bit of wool. They use good couriers like DHL so you can receive it in just a few days, and the prices are so reasonable that the shipping price doesn't put you off. The wool is good quality, easy to knit with and they have such a wide variety that you are sure to find something you like!

Emily Kate


  1. Thank you. I couldn't find any reviews for this brand, so your post is very helpful. Is the 100% wool yarn soft or quite prickly?

  2. I find it quite soft, I've felt softer wools, but I wear my scarf I made from it most days in the winter and don't find it prickly against my skin at all and it keeps me very warm!


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