Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ice Yarns Review

When Winter started coming around in around November last year, I had a list of several things I wanted to knit, for myself and for Christmas presents. I got a lovely book, Learn to knit, love to knit, for my birthday and couldn't wait to make some of the lovely chunky knits in it. So I started looking at yarns on ravelry, but as much as I love that site, the yarns that come up most often are always American ones, very difficult or expensive to get over here in the UK. I looked on eBay and Ice Yarns, a company based in Turkey come up frequently. I did a bit of googling, but couldn't really find many reviews on the stuff. But given how reasonably priced it is, I decided to buy some despite not knowing really what I would get.

 I have to say from looking at the yarn label, it looks like quite cheap acrylic yarn. But when you peruse their website, I was amazed at the variety of yarn they produce. You do have to order a pack of each type you order, 6, 8, or 4 balls, but given that 1 ball is usually somewhere between 50p and £2, each pack is often less than 1 ball of expensive pure wool. And although most of the yarn is acrylic or has some percentage of acrylic in it, one of the packs I ordered was filzy wool, a chunky 100% wool, in mustard yellow, a colour I'm a little obsessed with but not that easily found. I used it to make a lovely 'GAP-tastic cowl' a pattern found on ravelry here.  

I also bought a few different packs of alpaca/acrylic/wool blends.  They have many different blends of usually 50% acrylic, with natural fibres, perfect for Christmas presents of socks and gloves which people can just chuck in the washing machine without worrying. I ordered a Peru alpaca and macho alpaca, and a cream wool called flamme. That was my favourite one, a sort of slubby worsted, which I used to make lovely cosy slipper socks.

All together I spent around £40 ($67.00), including shipping, and for that I got 4 balls of the 100% wool, 8 balls of black worsted, 8 of turquoise, 8 of chunky blue, and 8 of cream worsted. Which I think is a pretty good deal! So far I've made 4 pairs of slipper socks, one bobble hat, one pair of gloves and one cowl, and I still have more than half the wool left!

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommend Ice yarns, if you need quite a bit of wool. They use good couriers like DHL so you can receive it in just a few days, and the prices are so reasonable that the shipping price doesn't put you off. The wool is good quality, easy to knit with and they have such a wide variety that you are sure to find something you like!

Emily Kate


  1. Thank you. I couldn't find any reviews for this brand, so your post is very helpful. Is the 100% wool yarn soft or quite prickly?

  2. I find it quite soft, I've felt softer wools, but I wear my scarf I made from it most days in the winter and don't find it prickly against my skin at all and it keeps me very warm!

  3. Thatnks for the review. I had a poor experience and won't be ordering again. I bought alpaca chain yarn which was sold as a bulky. When it arrived it was thinner than a double knit weight and could never be knitted up using the suggested 5mm needle. When I cmplained Yarn Paradise were distinctly unhelpful and didn't want to know. They were using the International Weight logos on their yarns but it's clearly misleading. Becuase the are outside the EU ypu have no consumer protection.

  4. great. I was looking at the site and was wondering regarding the quality. I feel a lot happier ordering from them now. As mentioned the prices are very good.


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