Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Hamper/Hessian Box Tutorial

So now you've decided what to put inside your hamper, you need to find something to put it all in. Now when I first made some last year I spent ages looking for wicker baskets online, but they really aren't cheap, even on eBay. As I had lots of hessian/burlap left over from my advent calendar project, I decided to see if I could fashion a kind of bag/box out of it, and I'm pretty happy with the result. To make 4 of these it didn't take me anymore than a hour or two maximum.

First decided how big you want the box to be. It depends on how much you want to put in it, but I wanted mine to look snug and full, rather than have too much space. I made mine 7" square, with each of the sides 6" high. Each of the sides labelled A need to be the same length, and the same for sides labelled B.

Cut out another square the same size as the box and a square of thick cardboard around 1/2 inch smaller on each side. This is to reinforce the bottom of the box. Fold over the cross shape of the box and sew the 2 edges that meet together. I used my sewing machine with strong thread and a zigzag stitch.

Then sew together the other two edges. It should now be looking like a box! Fold over an inch or so all around at the top and pin. Sew all around the edge you just pinned to neaten it.
Flatten the box a little and fold the edges underneath so you can use pva glue to stick the cardboard to the inside bottom of the box. Stick the extra square of hessian you cut out on top of the cardboard to hide it.

Now turn the box the right way out, and tie some ribbon round it to make it look pretty.
All that's left to do is fill the hamper. I lined mine with tissue paper, filled it with treats, and even adds some holly and ivy sprigs to make it look extra festive!

Emily Kate

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